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My portfolio represents more than visuals, you are looking at solid ROI. When we apply visual branding with a strategy and what the audience values, you get a strong ROI every time. Typically above 20%. 

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Design and UX Director

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Testimonials from LinkedIn

Jenna Campbell | Graphic Designer at iboss

Ken is one of the most talented, smart, and down-to-earth design directors I've had the pleasure of working with. Ken has helped me tremendously in my almost four years at Brafton, molding me into the designer I am today. Ken's pragmatic approach to solving design problems, working with clients on a personal level, and supporting his design team is what make him such a great mentor for young designers in the field. Not only is he a driving force in the design department, but a friendly leader to all departments within the Brafton family. Ken is an expert in smart design, and sincerely a pleasure to work with!

Julia Emiliani | Illustrator at Wayfair

Ken is a great head to our department and has been certainly been helpful to me and the rest of our team in a number of ways! He has a lot of skill and experience in designing many different kinds assets so any project, no matter its quirks, is no match for us! He is always eager to provide a lot of helpful insight when we work and in doing so has dramatically enhanced my design skill set. He is quite organized too, gracefully managing dozens of clients and projects everyday. Ken's friendly and outgoing personality makes him a very approachable boss and sets a great example for the rest of the team. His expertise and shrewd way of thinking I'm sure will have lasting positive effect on us designers and on Brafton's business too.

Avery Muether | Design at TCS Education System

Coming out of college to your first full-time job is intimidating. College prepares you for a lot, but not everything. Ken though was so helpful during this process. He has a great way of teaching and helping people understand the ins and outs of the design team. Ken really did shape me into a graphic designer, and taught me how to converse with clients and was a constant resource of information.

I'm so thankful for having Ken as my first boss and director. He is very understanding, quick to jump in and help on projects, and always has the team's back. He has a great attitude and is always knowledgeable on the newest design trends. Ken is a great asset to any team.

Erin Balsa | Managing Editor at Brafton

Ken is, first and foremost, a people person, which makes him a wonderful colleague to collaborate with. He's helped shape my approach to campaign creation and is enthusiastic about training teams and sharing his knowledge.

Jarret McPhee | Senior Freelance Designer

I have been working with Ken for the past two years. Working for myself and dealing with many different clients it's always a pleasure to find one who really gets it. Ken really gets it. He's a great director, always available to answer questions and and willing to get his hands dirty figuring the best path forward for tons of different projects. I really enjoy working with Ken and recommend him without hesitation for any job.

Diane Sterret | Senior Freelance Writer and Editor

I've worked with Kenn and his team on many projects, both web and print, and it's always a respectful collaboration. He brings many design talents to the table and can always take a project places no one else has envisioned. The leaps of imagination and the synapses that connect result in dynamic, successful information design. He's creative, passionate and intelligent.